45.0 Releases for December

We have had an exciting and action packed month just before we end the year. Following is a list of updates in Resbook:

1. Alphabetically sorted Company Names in CRM Contacts section

When adding a company to a new or existing contact the list will now show in an alphabetical order as against the order of creation.

2. Improved Ecommerce tracking for Resbook accounts

Got a google Adwords revenue tracking request or facebook pixel tracking to report on? Now you can with the improved e-commerce tracking functionality. Send your tracking code to our support team and get details reports from your e-commerce account.

3. Four extra email templates

We have added four additional email templates with all available email tags. These can be used for contacting guests, staff or agents.

4. Agent email template

We have added an agent email template which can be used to communicate with agents directly instead of the guest (only available for sending when filled in).

4. Bug fix for manual editing rates of channel manager bookings

Some bookings coming via channels may have been reset to default rate upon edit. This has now been fixed and the rates will hold.

5. Referrer support for online booking form

Get your calendar listed on 3rd party websites and record these bookings in Resbook as referral bookings. Contact support for info.

6. Improved permissions for users in Resbook

Users with restricted access to part of the inventory will only be able to generate reports for those properties.

7. Bug fix: CRM creating new contacts

Some users may have experienced a freezing issue when creating a new contact recently. This has now been fixed.

8. Bug fix: Reports

Some of the reports such as the occupancy summary report and the booking totals by agent report were showing totals incorrectly for the last week. This has now been fixed. 

9. Safety net for delayed booking.com bookings (direct connection only)

A new feature has been put in place to allow a 5 second response time in case the booking information is not available during the first pull between Resbook and Booking.com when an intimation is received

10. Dining report allergies and dietary requirements

This information is collected as additional fields or standard fields will be made available as notes under the Dining report (custom use only)


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