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The main page in ResBook is the Calendar, where you will be able to:

  • See your rooms
  • Check your bookings
  • Make a new booking
  • Change the number of days you wish to see
  • Select another month


On each booking that has already been completed, there is a pop-up window with some information available. This includes: booking ID, guests’ names, arrival and departure dates, number of days, fees, requested services, waiting list, reservation ID etc.

Remember you can change the calendar settings by clicking on  > System Settings > Calendar Settings.

There are also other options available through the Calendar, such as a Message Menu, a Quick Access button and Date picker to name a few. This is an easy way to stay updated with the latest announcements, check your messages, watch training videos, quickly add a booking, or let us know how you are feeling about ResBook.

In order to enable some of these options, or disable them, click on . Here you will see:


All the latest announcements from ResBook will be displayed here allowing you to keep up to date with new features, the latest updates, tips and tricks and any critical information about ResBook.


With the new messaging section, you will get any messages about your ResBook account delivered here.

Training Videos

With quick access to our latest training videos, you can learn new tips and tricks while you continue to use ResBook.

How are you feeling?

A smiley is all it takes to let us know how you are feeling about ResBook at that moment. We look forward to hearing how you feel about ResBook and hope to be collecting all the :) smileys from you for our trophy cabinet.


On the left, it is the Quick Access Button . Using ResBook is all about saving those precious minutes on everyday tasks. With the new Quick Access button, you can make a new booking, create a contact or start a quote in an instant.

On the left of Quick Access Button there is a Date Picker . With it, you can select a date and your calendar will be updated from the day you picked.


Have a check in this article if you have doubts.

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