Charging Through Kounta

Kounta allows you to charge for services once you have integrated both pieces of software.

When a guest arrives at check-in, and you click the Check-In button in their booking, this will send the customer and the booking ID to Kounta. 

Log-in to Kounta, and then click on Capture7.JPG

Sign into the POS using your passcode. 

Once you are in the POS, find the item you want to charge for and then add it to the total charge.


Once you have added the item to the charge, search for the guest name. Click on "Add Customer" and then look for the name of the customer. Once you find the customer, their details will appear on the screen. 


At the bottom, you will see a number in a grey box, as shown above, this is the Booking Number. If this number is not there, you will need to get the Booking Number from ResBook and add it in.

Once you are happy, click on the "Save" button in the bottom right-hand corner.

Then click on the "Check Out" button, which will then bring up the following menu:


Make sure that you click on the "ResBook" button. This will then settle the bill to ResBook. 

Go back into ResBook, and look for the booking. If all has been successful, you should see under the "Services" tab a receipt.


You have now completed a transaction through Kounta.


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