3.0 - Invoice Updates

Date of Release: 02/04/2015

3.1 Customised Invoice Numbers

To use customised invoice numbers, hover over Invoices and select 'Settings'.

Users can start creating an invoice sequence based on the customised numeric code.

*Please note that this will take effect from the day the settings are activated only – previous invoice number/ code and sequence will not be affected.*


3.2 Invoice prefix added

This setting has been implemented because the same invoice number which was previously held in your V3 account will be rejected by Xero if you attempted to send from V12.

To overcome this functionality error, a prefix can be added. This will then differentiate the two invoices and allow the invoice to be sent to Xero.

Go to System Settings > Xero.

Add a prefix in front of the invoice – this will be verified by the developer coding before it is sent to Xero.


End of Release: 02/04/2015

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