11.0 - Online Mobile Booking Form

Date of Release: 03/06/2015

ResBook now offers a very simple layout of being able to enter a booking on your phone/tablet whilst you are on foot, or not anywhere near a computer.

Step 1

Log onto your ResBook account.

Step 2

Find the date on the calendar and tap on the empty grid.

The first tap will display the date. If date is incorrectly selected, choose another.

The second tap will open up the booking form.


Step 3

Fill in the booking details and any other notes/comments.



Step 4

Save the booking.



  • This works best on smart phones in particular the iPhone and Samsung series.
  • Agents cannot be assigned to the booking you enter via phone. Please update this information along with other on-charge services.

End of Release: 05/06/2015

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