16.0 - Export Details Shows Promo and Discount Columns

Date of Release: 02/07/2015

ResBook now displays discount and promo columns for each booking when you export details under Full List Bookings.

Log into ResBook > Hover over Bookings > Click [Full List].


Select the calendar dates and click on [DISPLAY], and then click [EXPORT DETAILS]. This will bring up a csv file of the all booking details in ResBook, and not the information displayed onscreen.


In the itemised CSV file, the following new columns are added:


  • 'Y' and 'N' values show if a promo code or a discount has been applied to the booking.
  • Promo Value' and 'Discount Value' will have the percentage amount or a fixed amount in numeric values recorded depending on the type of discount applied.
  • 'Promo Value' and 'Discount Value' columns will not show any data if the 'Promo' and 'Discount' column shows a 'N'.

End of Release: 02/07/2015

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