18.0 - Additional Fields Enabled for Manual Booking Form

Date of Release: 13/07/2015

Another update is implemented on ResBook's manual booking form.

The manual booking form now has the ability to have more questions embedded. This is useful if your business requires certain enquiries to be answered that is not present in the default booking form.

Log into ResBook and make a new booking.

Scroll down to the bottom of the screen to find the accordion menu with the title 'Additional Fields'. This menu has a maximise and minimise function in the form of a (+) or (-) button:



ResBook users can add questions to this manual booking form and answer it as well:


Please note that this update is not available on the mobile booking form.

The additional fields will only be visible as shown above after it is applied to the manual booking form. For more information on setting up these fields, visit Booking Forms under System Settings.

End of Release: 13/07/2015

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