Contacts - Basic Search

Access to the Contacts is via the menu along the top of the ResBook page:

ResBook > Contacts 


Finding a Contact

The search functionality for 'Contacts' is categorised by surname in alphabetical order.

All added contacts can be found by using the search bar or the vertical scrollbar. (image 1.0)

All added contacts can be refined by using the 'contact type' filter on the right side of the screen, before finding the contact type (image 1.1).


image 1.0 - Contacts List/Search

 image 1.1 - Contacts Filter  


Editing a Contact

To edit or update details of the contact, search for their name.

Click on the [name] and click [Edit].

image 1.2 - Contact Selected Screen


Update the details on the screen and scroll down to [SAVE].

image 1.3 - Contacts Edit Screen


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