Generating Owner Statements

Step 1

Go to Reports > Financial Reports > Click on [Owner Statement]

Step 2

Select your dates by clicking on the calendar fields. Select a property/room and click on [DISPLAY]. Owner statements are classified by each month. You can view reports per property/room.


 Before processing the statement, you may choose to add more entries:


  • Add another line to the statement by selecting the [+] sign at the bottom row.
  • Ensure that you scroll right to fill in all the details. For manual entry income or expenses .
  • Carry on until you have all information added to the statement and check the box on the 'Process' column.
  • The 'Yes' or 'No' in the GST column asks the user whether tax is applicable to the entry or not.
  • If Yes is selected, ResBook checks in 2 places:
  1. Whether Tax is applied and what the Tax code is {System Settings > Owners Statements > Tax of Expenses for Owner statement setting}
  2. Whether Tax is inclusive of GST or exclusive of GST {System Settings > Accounting and Financial > Tax Include/Exclude}


  • Make sure you SAVE your entry (using the save button).
  • If a mistake is made, cancel the editing row using the cancel button, or remove your entry using the trash button.

Note: you will not be able to create a statement on top of other statements (Statement periods must be disjointed).

Improvements to Owner Statements in 20 April 2015:

This page gives a breakdown overview under each booking and items can be selected to be included in the statement:


Step 3

Generate the owner statement by clicking on the [PROCESS] button.

Statement Field


Opening Balance

This amount would be $0.00 unless there is money owed to the owner from the previous month.


Payments to the owner for this month.

Outgoing Debits

Expenses/Charges that the owners would be liable for.

Closing Balance

Incoming payments minus Outgoing debits and as indicated by the last date of the month.

Balance Payable to Owner

Date and Amount as chosen by the user.

Net Balance

Closing Balance minus Balance payable to Owner.

Income Section

Calculated from accommodation rates for bookings and services.

Expenses Section

Lists all items payable by the owner (and thus deducted from the amount payable to the owner).


Indicate when you want pay the balance and how much you want to pay the owner in the 'Balance Payable to Owner' row. Notes can be supplied to the owner at the bottom of the statement.

Verify all information on the screen before clicking on [FINALISE REPORT] to finalise the statement.

Step 4

The [FINALISE REPORT]  button will save the statement as closed. Once a statement is closed, you can:

  • Go back and make a few changes by selecting [CHANGE TO PENDING].
  • [SEND E-MAIL] to the Owner. The email template is controlled from Settings > System Settings > Email templates page.
  • [Send to Xero] which will be found under Accounts > Purchases within Xero.
  • Click [CANCEL] to go back to the reports.


Important Notes

  • The breakdown is editable for each Booking reference (Reservation ID) on each line of the Invoice accordingly (see screenshot below).
  • The owner statement can only be sent to Xero as a 'Draft'. It can be edited or resent from ResBook multiple times as long as the invoice status in Xero is left as 'Pending approval'.
  • Soon as the status in Xero changes to an 'Approved', new updates to the owner statement can no longer be sent from ResBook to Xero.


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