Charging Fees to Owners

There are four (4) fee sections chargeable to Owners that will show up in the Owner statements.

1.0 - Cleaning/Linen Fees

To access all of your cleaning types and set the default cleaning/linen fees, Go to Housekeeping > Cleaning.

Under this section a cleaning type can be created and the fees charged to the owner selected by checking 'Charge to owner' and completing the 'Cleaning Fee' and 'Linen Fee' boxes.


 When a statement is generated, ResBook will take the housekeeping entries listed against each booking and allocate the linen/cleaning fees.

2.0 - Merchant Fees

Merchant Fees are currently set at Accounting and Financial system level against credit card types.

Go to Settings > Accounting and Financial Settings > Select Credit card type > State the fee for the credit card transaction under 'Owner rate'.


3.0 - Management Fee

3.1 Management Fee at Stock unit Level

Management Fee can be set against each Stock unit and Tax can also be applied to it.

Go to Settings > Stock Configurations > Stock Units > Select the Stock unit > Name/Description tab.

The management fee can be specified as a fixed amount or as a percentage of each booking against the stock unit:


Specify the tax code on the management fee if applicable:


Click [SAVE] to save your updates.

3.2 Management Fees charged on Services

For services, the management fee can be controlled at the service level.

Go to Settings > Stock Configurations > Services > Select the Service > Select the Settings tab.

Use the 'Apply Management Fee' setting to define if the service should have a management fee component applied based on the stock unit it is booked against. The fee is calculated per booking on the stock unit settings described above.


Click [SAVE] to save your updates.

4.0 - Services

In the Services module, you can generate a service that is billable to the owner instead of the guest:


Fill in all information and click [ADD].

The service must be assigned to the room and rate period. Click on [Settings].

Set the 'Income to Owner' to 'Yes'.


Any service configured this way is charged to the owner when statements are calculated.

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