25.0 - Temporary Instant Bookings E-mail Notification

Date Of Release: 31/07/2015

ResBook runs a system check every morning to capture all temporary instant booking ID's and forwarding it to the ResBook user.

Instances of temporary instant bookings made by the guest(s) are rare and occur due to multiple reasons such as:

  • A bad connection
  • Time-out errors
  • Breakdown in system communication between DPS payment gateway and ResBook

These bookings unfortunately, do not get saved in ResBook.

In the likelihood of receiving the e-mail, then:

  • Check your DPS account and see if a payment has been processed,
  • Contact the customer for further information if required,
  • Update the booking to the correct status accordingly in ResBook.

To update the booking, cancel the booking and [SAVE] it:

Then re-accept the cancelled booking by selecting the same dropdown box and click 'New Request' and [SAVE] the booking.

As the ResBook administrator, you will receive the booking number(s) in an email for your review and action as deemed necessary. The contents of the e-mail is as follows:


Below is a list of all Temporary Bookings generated in your ResBook. The status of these bookings has not changed in the last 24 hours. This can be caused by multiple reasons but the most common cause is a drop in communication between DPS and ResBook after the payment window. You can check the status for these bookings by logging into your DPS account and verifying the payments processed.

To retrieve guests' details, please search for these booking references by generating a list under ‘Temporary bookings’ from the Bookings module:

  • Booking ID#1 
  • Booking ID#2 
  • Booking ID#3 
  • Booking ID#4

The status for these bookings has not been changed in your ResBook and further action is required on your part upon checking your DPS account. We are currently working closely with DPS towards a permanent fix.

Kind Regards,
Team ResBook


End of Release: 31 August 2015

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