1.0 - Manual Booking Form

Date of Release: 19/03/2015

Manual Booking Form / Reservation details Edit and View

Step 1

Go to the homepage and hover over the 'Bookings' Tab or select the stock unit on the date required and click on the relevant date on the calendar.

Step 2

Click on ‘New Booking’ to create a new booking (2.1) or click on the booking in the calendar to view an existing reservation (2.2).

2.1 image for selection on Bookings tab2.2 image for calendar view

2.1 image for selection on Bookings tab.                    2.2 image for calendar view                                              

Step 3

A pop up window will open to show to the new look booking form (see image below). Start by adding the booking details such as house, contact name etc.

Guest name, status, arrival date, departure dates or number of nights and number of adults are all mandatory fields and must be completed manually. These are denoted by a red asterisk (*). You cannot save a booking without this information.

pop-up booking window

Step 4

The viewing box: this quick view Window above the edit function provides an overview as detailed below.

viewing box

Step 5

Edit/view options continued:

You can also use the promo code feature or the discount feature to modify the nightly rate being charged to the guest.

All Property Administrators can activate the ability to edit base nightly rates

This can be verified under the Settingsà General settings à Average Rate Editable

As shown:


*Please note these have been deactivated by default for accountability purposes and can be changed if required.*

Use the notes function and Agent details to enter additional details about the booking and click on ‘Save Booking’ to save the updated information and to proceed with updating the bookings.


Step 6

Tabs (See image below)

The new booking form allows the user to add all the relevant information at the time of the booking. This information has been separated in tabs as below.

6.1 Details: This tab hold all the guest information such as guest details, times and dates plus any notes as mentioned above

Manual booking form 6.1 details

6.2 Services: You can add additional services to the booking in this section using the services created under settings. Simply drag and drop the service or create one using the inputs. Do not forget to click on Update booking to reflect the changes.

Manual booking form 6.2 Services

6.3 Payments: As the name suggests all payments for this booking can be recorded here by clicking on add payment. All previous payments and any gateway (ResPay) related deductions will also show up as a list here. Do not forget to update booking to reflect any changes.

Manual booking form 6.3 Payments

6.4 House Keeping: This is an optional tab that will be available to users subscribed to the House Keeping module, if you do not see this and would like this facility call our team now. Enter all the cleaning details regarding the booking here. Select the ‘charge to’ option to select whether to charge the guest or the owner of the property.Click on update housekeeping to update the booking. (Please note that other additional settings within House Keeping needs to be correctly set to facilitate these automated entries)

Manual booking form 6.4 House Keeping

6.5 An overview of remaining tabs in the Booking Form

Invoices tab:

Manual booking form 6.5a overview of invoices

Notes: Other Features of the New Form

  • The new form updates rates on the fly in the top right hand corner
  • Amount due will show up in red if days to booking are less than as specified in settings ( Deposit policy and the settings for when payment is due)
  • You can add an alert to the booking which will be prominently displayed at the top.
  • You can generate different emails to the guest at different stages of the booking – no email will be auto generated for Manual entered reservations.

Tab Description


Bed Config

Use this section to add the bed config from the list of options available for the property according to the rooms / inventory unit bedrooms being used.


Use this section to add agent details for the booking


Use this section to move the guest to a different room for each night of stay


This tab allows the user admins to check the changes made by users to the booking for accountability purposes

Rate Breakdown

This allows you to see the rate for each night of the booking


As the name entails – please use this tab to cancel a booking before check in. A reason can be provided in the text boxes provided and the private message box can be used to add an internal note about the cancellation


Use this tab to see all invoices raised against the booking or to raise a new invoice use the raise invoice button as shown in the image below (6.5a)

  • You can also send an SMS to the guest at different stages similar to an email (involves setting up an account on the third party service (www.smsglobal.com)

End of Release: 24 March 2015

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