2.0 - Additional Fields

Date of Release: 26/03/2015

2.0 New fields added to Bookings

2.0.1 Additional Fields in "Bookings"

The following additional fields of data are added to the existing drop-down options under 'Bookings' in ResBook.

  • Date and Time Booked
  • Email address for Guest
  • Phone Number / contact for Guest
  • Mailing address for Guest

These additional data fields is now accessible on all reports generated, including the “Export” function as shown below:


2.0.2 Additional Field in "Quotes"

'Properties/inventory unit' are now added to the Quote Summary which is a popular request made by our ResBook users.  This will outline the inventory units assigned to a raised quote, therefore completing the overview entirely.

  • Please note that this addition will only be applicable and accessible to users who has the Quotes Module and is assigned relative permissions in “Contacts”.

addtional fields in quotes

  • You may be required to re-visit the permissions to ensure correct access for individual users are set as applicable after the release. Otherwise, user/staff cannot proceed to view entire functionality.

i.e: if user A has only been assigned the ability to view a quote then the following buttons on a quote will not be visible to them to use or action accordingly.

End of Release: 26/03/2015

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