4.0 - Instant Confirmation at Unit level

Date of Release: 20/04/2015

ResBook now gives users the ability to decide how bookings are received through the booking calendar at stock unit level. You can now indicate which rooms/properties are on Instant Confirmation or On-request.

Before enabling this feature for your property/room, you will need to understand how your ResBook accepts bookings.  You will need to locate your master settings:

Click on settings-icon > Click on System Settings > Select Booking Forms > FIT form:



In the Master Settings:

  • If you have turned instant confirmation on, all bookings received online will be instantly confirmed, and availability will close.
  • If you have turned instant confirmation off, all bookings received online will be a request, and availability will not be closed, allowing others to request for the same dates.

To enable this feature, simply click on settings-icon > Click on Stock Configurations > Stock Units > Select Stock unit > Scroll down to find 'Instant Confirmation'.

Click on 'Yes' to accept bookings instantly or 'No' to accept bookings by request.

Click on 'Save'.


Important notes to consider:

  1. By default, all inventory will be set to 'Yes' at stock unit level.
  2. If instant confirmation is set to ‘No’ in the master settings, all bookings will enter as a booking request even if it is set to ‘Yes’ at Stock Unit level.
  3. If the guest enters a booking with multiple units selected with an 'Instant Confirmation' combination of ‘Yes’ and ‘No’, the booking will enter your ResBook calendar as a request.
  4. As a rule, all stock units under a classification must have Instant Confirmation set to either a 'Yes' or 'No'.

End of Release: 22/04/2015

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