13.0 - Moving Rooms with Promo Codes

Date of Release: 24/06/2015

An important update has been applied in ResBook when moving a room with a promo code attached to it.

As you amend a booking and select the 'Rooms' tab to move a booking into a different room as shown below:


A pop up message appears and asks if you wish to recalculate the rates before moving the booking to a different room:


The following 2 options indicate what will happen to the average nightly rate of the booking and the applied promo code after the move:



It is important to note that in either case, the promo code and the discounts applied to the original booking will not be available to the moved booking. A fresh promo code or discount may however be added after the move is complete and saved.

End of Release: 24/06/2015

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