14.0 - Enhanced Booking Form

Date of Release: 25/06/2015

*This update may or may not allow you to add/edit bookings. To correct this, please ensure that you clear your cookies and cache of your particular browser so that you can add/edit bookings.*

Entering bookings in ResBook has never been easier!

Overall improvements made in this release:

  • Speed of saving a manual entry booking has increased significantly.
  • Speed of canceling a booking has increased significantly.
  • Long-term bookings can now be inserted into ResBook as far ahead as 400 days in a matter of seconds.

New Feature

The booking form has been updated to assist property managers in placing long-term bookings. See table below for the description.


Less than 89 day bookings

Over 90 day bookings

Screen shot




Base rates will auto-calculate Rates already supplied in ResBook.
User can override the auto-calculation by entering their own rate in the 'Base Nightly Rate' field.

Extra Adults and Children rates will be calculated in with the base rate.

Base rates will not automatically calculate.
User is required to insert the amount in the 'Base Nightly Rate' field.
This is compulsory with a red asterisk '*'.
Extra Adult and Children rates will need to be manually calculated into the base rate.




Promo codes can be applied to long term bookings.


Discounts are applicable to long term bookings and will be carried forward with the base rate if booking was originally less than 90 days, and then extended beyond 90 days.

Promo codes will not apply to long term bookings.

Discounts are applicable to long term bookings.


Generating an 89 day booking or less will auto-calculate rates after date selection:


Click [Save & Review]


The rate will be carried into the quote before it can be sent to the guest:


Generating a 90 day booking or more will quote at $0.00:


Click [Save & Review]


The rate will not be carried into the quote, but can be added before it is sent to the guest:


End of Release: 25/06/2015

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