17.0 - Agents Tab Repositioned

Date of Release: 13 July 2015

A minor update was done to the ResBook booking form as well as the mobile booking form.

The [Agent] tab has been moved from the top of the booking screen, to the bottom.

See screenshots examples:

Before The Update


After The Update

To add an agent to the booking, scroll down to the bottom of the booking screen to find the accordion menu titled 'Agent Details'. This menu has a maximise and minimise function in the form of a (+) or (-) button:


Next, select the Agent dropdown box and assign the Agent to the booking. The Agent can only be selected in this dropdown box if they are added as a 'Contact' in the CRM.


This update will not affect any Agent information you have assigned to the bookings. This update simply repositioned where the Agent details will be added by the ResBook user going forward.

End of Release: 13 July 2015

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