23.0 - Editing a Quote with No Rates

Date of Release: 13/08/2015

An additional feature has been added to the quotes section to prevent users from accidentally sending out $0.00 quotes for booking requests over 90 nights.

On the Edit Quote screen, if you click [UPDATE QUOTE] or [SEND QUOTE] with a 0.00 rate for any of added stock units or services as shown below:

editing a quote with no rates - 90 days

ResBook will alert you with the following pop-up message:


Clicking [Yes] should save the quote with the rate of $0.00 for the stock unit.

  • Proceed to [SEND QUOTE], and e-mail the quote to the guest

Clicking [No] will return focus to the first field that has a rate of $0.00.

  • Add the rates in and click on [UPDATE QUOTE] to calculate the rates before proceeding to [SEND QUOTE] to the guest.

End of Release: 13/08/2015

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