Add a New Booking

ResBook has made it easy for users to enter a booking.

Step 1

Simply click on an empty date in the Booking Calendar to place a booking:



Click on [New Booking] in the 'Bookings' drop-down menu:



Using the Calendar Filter in the top right hand corner to filter out dates of availability and then place a booking on an empty calendar cell:



Step 2

All fields marked with * are compulsory. Enter in the following details to fill up the booking form:

An overview of the details required to complete the manual booking form:



Property/Unit name

As selected by the user. Use the drop-down box to change selection.

Contact Name

User is required to create a new contact or search and assign a contact that already exists.

Booking Name

User defined field to identify the Reservation or Actual guest occupying the unit if it is different to the contact/company/booking agent.

Arrival Date/Departure Date

Enter in the date of when the guest(s) will arrive. The departure date is the date they will be leaving the property.

Check-in / Check-out

These fields will automatically populate pertaining to the settings under "General Settings".


Indicates the number of nights guest(s) will be staying.


Number of people to expect in this Booking.

Base Nightly Rate

This will automatically populate on the screen depending on rate availability for the inventory unit.

Promo Code

This can be applied provided that the Promo code is already created.


Discount can be applied based on Fixed amount or percentage deduction on the nightly rate.

Average Nightly Rate

This field will automatically populate by calculating the total rate of the booking and averaging it out by the number of nights.

Notes and comments can also be included in the Booking details. Simply click on the + button (as per above screenshot) to open up this section:


Anything entered into Important Notes will be found on the calendar grid when you hover over the Booking:


To add an agent to the booking, simply click on the button on the right.

This will drop down and prompt you to assign the agent to the booking. An agent can only be assigned to the booking if they have been created as a contact in the CRM. If you have not already, head to Adding other contact types for assistance.

Step 3

Once the above additions are entered, the booking form will automatically capture the vital data and fill the spaces on the screen accordingly. Scroll down to [SAVE BOOKING].

As soon as the reservation details are saved, additional services /requests can then be updated for the reservation as per tab sequence:

An overview of all tabs used to edit Booking information:

Tab Field



Add/Edit or view Services assigned to this reservation


All automated/manual payments done for this reservation will be captured on this tab.

House Keeping

If the House Keeping module is activated, all cleans assigned to the stock inventory unit will be visible here. These entries can be edited or removed.

Bed Configuration

All bedding configurations clearly outlined in the stock unit will be made visible or can be added/ edited manually on this tab


View or move the inventory units assigned to this reservation using the drop-down box (Note: the promo code does not apply if you move rooms, we are currently working on a solution).


Records all e-mails, amendments, additions and deletions to the Booking. It also reveals who made the changes provided that the user is logged in as a staff member.

Rate Breakdown

Displaying the rate breakdown each day for the length of the booking


To assign or edit utilities that may be chargeable to owners/guest


ResBook users can only cancel the reservation and supply the reason

After you have edited the above, it is now time to send an E-mail.

Step 4

Click on [Send E-mail] and choose an appropriate e-mail template before proceeding to send an e-mail to the guest.


Note: Ensure all e-mail templates are filled in and activated.

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