27.0 - Update to Calendar and Full List Bookings Report

Date of Release: 15/09/2015

Hello ResBook users,

We have improved the way bookings are recorded in the calendar and made it simpler to search via the search bar.

  • All bookings captured in the website calendar will display the Guest's last name in ResBook.
  • Top right search bar in ResBook allows you to search bookings by the Guest first and/or last name.
  • If bookings are entered with the Agent details assigned to it, then the above rules apply to the Agent's name (not the Guest's name).

In ResBook > Bookings > Full list > [Export Details] report has been modified slightly for ease of use.

  • Updated columns to the following order from left to right:
    1. Booking details
    2. Booking Financials
    3. Guest details
    4. Agent details
  • Added 2 new columns for booking financials:
    • Charge Total. This is the total charge toward the guest as shown on the booking form. This EXCLUDES services that are marked as not being included in the booking price (ie. Bond). View Column T in spreadsheet.
    • Balance Due. This is the total charge minus the total payments. View Column V in spreadsheet.

End of Release: 21/09/2015

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