How Do I Modify My Rates in ResBook and Update Them to ResOnline?

Adding/modifying rate periods in ResBook means you can determine when these rates are subject to change. It is recommended for you to end your rate period, and begin with a new one if rates were to increase/decrease.

To add a new rate period, find the information here.

Now to update this onto ResOnline provided that the connection has been set up correctly:

  • Go to ResOnline > Settings
  • Tick the room that you wish to update on the left:

  • Click [Update Rates on ResOnline now]:

  • Once the update is complete, ensure that all rooms on the left is ticked and click [Save changes]. This is to ensure that the links between ResBook and ResOnline is still intact.
  • Lastly, remember to check that these rates have updated to ResOnline properly.
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