What Are Temporary Bookings?

"Temporary bookings" are bookings that have not been directly saved into your ResBook calendar. They occur when there is interference during the credit card verification process whilst guest(s) makes a booking.

ResBook will be able to capture these booking entries and record under Bookings > Temporary List. An e-mail will also be sent to you, advising of these bookings that did not insert into your ResBook calendar.

Here are several factors that can cause a temporary booking:

  • if the credit card details entered is incorrect.
  • if the card was not a valid card type.
  • if the credit card transaction has yet to be approved by their bank.
  • the customer's credit card issuing merchant bank had not immediately approved the credit card transaction and this has caused a delay in the booking being confirmed in ResBook.

ResBook users will be notified with an e-mail if Temporary Bookings have occurred in their system.


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