Collecting and Refunding Payments

After understanding how bookings are made and payments are processed online, we go one step further to inform you about payment procedures and things you may encounter while transacting on a daily basis:

Process credit card payment

1. For an existing booking in ResBook, grab the Booking ID and Click on [ResPay].

2. Enter the Booking ID.

3. Payments page will load up with the booking name and stated amount. If payment was taken previously for this booking, the balance will be calculated in the "Amount" field. This amount includes all services attached to this booking.

4. Verify the amount that you wish to charge the guest before proceeding to accept the transaction agreement and [PROCESS] the credit card.

5. The transaction is approved and the amount is charged.

6. Payment Confirmation (ResPay) E-mail is sent to the guest to confirm payment taken.

Note: Credit card details will be expunged from the system 7 days after guests depart the property. This grace period allows you to inspect your property in case damages may need to be on-charged.

Retrieving credit card details

A guest might book ahead of time with a credit card that expires before their arrival date. In this case, you may want to retrieve or update their credit card details. Find out more about this handy feature by watching our 1-minute video tutorial:

Retrieve Booking ID from DPS

Whilst you are in Direct Payment Express and looking at an itemised report of all transactions, here is a tip on how you can obtain the Booking ID from a particular transaction:

Issuing Refunds

Occassionally, you may be unable to issue a refund via ResBook. The main reason is that the credit card may have expired, or the amount issued is greater than the original transacted amount. You will need to inform your guest that this is the case, so that they can check with their bank.

The most common reasons why credit cards decline

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