33.0 - ResBook Updates

Date of Release: 21/10/2015

Hi ResBook users,

The following updates apply to ResBook, please ensure you refresh the browser (CTRL + F5) whilst you are on that page for the changes to take effect.

1. Font 'Calibri' is now included in all editors found in Stock Unit and E-mail templates:

2. Users are now able to assign any stock unit at classification level (found under 'Assigned Inventory') to Staff/Owner/Agent Contact Type in the CRM:

Limitation: This functionality does not exist for Quotes and Housekeeping module.

3. Any stock unit set up by staff will also update the Master Login.

4. If the guest name has been altered in the CRM and invoices exists for their bookings, all invoice pdfs and e-mails will be updated to their newly altered name.

5. Photo Gallery can now accept JPG, PNG and GIF formats, no larger than 1MB and 1200 pixels large (for both height and width)


6. The ResBook calendar can now load yesterday's date at a default instead of today:

To enable this feature, go to  > System Settings > Calendar Settings > Change the date to 'Load Calendar date from'. 'Yesterday'

End of Release: 22/10/2015

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