34.0 - ResBook Updates: E-mails, Bookings, Reports, Services

Date of Release: 27/10/2015

Hi ResBook users,

Please refresh your browser by clearing your browser cache and cookies (under browser settings) for the changes to take effect in the following sections:

  • ResBook Calendar
  • System Settings > E-mail Templates
  • Stock Configurations > Services > Settings
  • Quotes

Another round of updates has been released:

1. Checkin and Checkout is now recorded in the History tab of the Booking. If an invoice had not been raised for this client, it will do so once you click on 'Check-in'. If you missed this step on the 'Check-in' day, the 'Check-out' button will invoice will be generated when you select 'Check-out'.

2. Center alignment of your property logo is enabled for your E-mail templates.

To enable this setting in your e-mail templates, go to > System Settings > E-mail Templates > Click on 'Edit Theme' and select 'center' in the dropdown list.


3. The confirmation link {confirm_link} found in Pending e-mail templates will not be a compulsory tag any longer. This means that the e-mail template can be saved without it.

4. Padding and margins have been corrected for Itinerary e-mails.

5. New additions to the Statistics Report:

  • Total guest arrivals
  • Total NZ guests
  • Total overseas guests
  • Total-don't know usual residence

6. ResBook's booking form can now Save the booking & Send the e-mail all at once:

7. A setting has been created to allow you to hide service(s) from their Invoices. Instead, these amounts will be added to the accommodation cost. Understand more about this update.

8. Images on Quotes and Itinerary e-mail can be altered before sending the e-mail to the guest. Learn more about this update.

9. When hovering over an Agent booking in the calendar, the Agent's Company name and the Agent's name in parentheses will show:


End of Release: 29/10/2015

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