Updating an Image in Quotes/Itinerary E-mail

Date of Release: 29/10/2015

Refresh your browser (CTRL + F5) for the changes to take effect in Quotes.

Images can be selected and altered before sending the e-mail to the guest. This applies to all Quote and Itinerary e-mails.

In the Quotes/Itinerary e-mail screen

1. Double click on the pre-loaded image on the left:

2. Click on [Browse Server] to open a new window with the images that are assigned to this stock unit*

3. Select the image and Click [Ok]

The new image is now loaded into the e-mail:

*Note: Images found in the photo gallery can only be applied to the e-mail. Please add them to the photo gallery in order to load the desired image into the e-mail.

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