32.0 - Services Now Have Additional Fields in Quotes

Date of Release: 19/10/2015

Quotes sent out to clients now capture data relevant to the attached service. Please refresh your browser (CTRL + F5) whilst you are in Quotes for this update to take effect.

The following updates have been applied:

  • All services added to Quotes now have a 'details' box for users to comment.
  • Quotes now include additional fields relevant to the Service added to the quote
  • Services with additional fields appear in the Quotes and can be edited by the user.

  • Additional fields with an asterisk will require the guest to complete before being able to confirm the quote. The user can control these under service settings
  • Bookings created from quotes will inherit the service details entered in quotes (if any).
  • Bookings created from quotes will inherit the additional fields supplied by guest.

Note: Service details will not appear in the e-mail sent to the guest.

End of Release: 19/10/2015

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