35.0 - New Booking Print PDF

Date of Release: 03/11/2015

Hi ResBook Users,

Our latest release gives all our users the ability to print out the Booking in PDF:

Please refresh your browser and clear cache when you are logged into ResBook.


The following information will be supplied in the PDF:

  • The property logo and booking number will display in the top left corner.
  • The property name displays in the top center. 
  • The guest details will be displayed in the top left. 
  • The agent details will be displayed in the top right if applicable.
  • If the booking has a source or origin, then their details will be displayed. 
  • All booking details will be displayed thereafter.
  • Booking revenue will be calculated from ([Accommodation] + [Services]) - [Payments] = [Balance Due]. 
  • If there is a referrer or lock box code then those details will show up after Booking details.
  • Services should be listed without [Tax]. The tax will however be included in all totals and charges. 
  • All types of notes should display if they have been filled in. 
  • Housekeeping should be displayed, if any. 
  • Bed configurations should be displayed, if any.


Any information captured in the 'Additional fields' section of all Services will not be displayed. There is an exception whereby any confirmed bookings received via the website calendar will be captured in the 'General Notes', hence this will be included in the Booking PDF under 'General Notes'.


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