Generating a Bookings Report and Retrieving Credit Card Details

To uncover more information on bookings received through the channels, you may find it useful to log into ResOnline and generate a Bookings report.

1. In the ResOnline homepage, click on Reports

2. Then click on the Booking List.

3. Click "Run Report" to bring up a list of bookings which match the search criteria.


For a more advanced approach, read more here.

Retrieving Credit card details

Credit card details cannot be transferred from one system to another. Hence, these details are not available in ResBook. These details will however be available to you through ResOnline in 2 places:

They are password protected for added security.

For more information on retrieving these details, click on the links supplied above or click here for a short non-audio video demonstration.

Note: sometimes does not transfer credit card details to ResOnline properly, and sometimes you can only view it once.

For security reasons, ResOnline purges the credit card details from their system 7 days after the departure date of that booking. Therefore, we recommend writing down the credit details straight after you have received the booking.

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