Connect to MYOB

Step 1: Connect

Provided that you have the MYOB accounting software on your computer, go to > System Settings > MYOB:

Note: If MYOB is not on your ResBook account, please submit a request.

Click on [Connect to MYOB] and follow the instructions to connect.


Step 2: Operating ResBook

When using ResBook to generate invoices, this can be done in 2 forms:

Type Scenario ResBook user Updated to MYOB
1) Guests check-in Full payment taken when guest(s) checks in Invoice is generated; payment is collected at the counter and entered into ResBook. Invoice is balanced. All invoices sent to MYOB would be displayed under Sales Register > Open Invoices.
2) New Bookings New Bookings enter ResBook Invoices are generated soon after bookings enter/is entered into ResBook. All invoices sent to MYOB would be displayed under Sales Register > Open Invoices.

Kindly establish which method you will use for invoicing before filling out the details as on MYOB settings.


Step 3: Configuring MYOB for ResBook

a) Simplest tracking: To keep things simple and have all bookings mapped to one GL code, you will need to assign the GL code created within MYOB and to the 'Default GL Code' as per screenshot:

b) Comprehensive tracking: If you wish to record each stock unit, please create generate these under MYOB's Accounts List for all rooms/properties you are selling.

In Resbook, go to  > Stock Configurations > Stock Units > Select your stock unit > under 'Name/Description' tab, assign the GL code from the dropdown list.

Note: Any stock units not marked with a GL code, will be recorded automatically against Default GL code (as indicated above).


Step 4: Selecting how ResBook updates invoices to MYOB

Setting Update Type Explanation
Arrival Date Automated All invoices for bookings generated soon after you check guests in will be updated to MYOB overnight.  (Step 4.1)
Pushed Date to MYOB Manual updates ResBook user manually updates MYOB .
Invoice Generated Date Automated Applies to all bookings to which the ResBook user has generated invoices for. These invoices are sent to MYOB  overnight. (Step 4.2)

To automatically send invoices to MYOB, switch to 'Yes'. Save the settings.


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