Upgrading to PXPay 2.0 with DPS

We have been busy upgrading the connection between DPS and ResBook over the last month. The work is now complete and your account will be upgraded to the new connection type over the coming days by Payment Express to PXPay 2.0

What this means for you:

  • Instances of temporary instant bookings will be near zero as we will be rechecking the data with DPS more often than before
  • You will be upgraded to the PXPay 2.0 version of DPS with improved interface and features, you will have received an email from DPS regarding this upgrade previously
  • Post PXPay 2.0 upgrade you will not be required to fill in the CVV at every step when completing transactions where CVV has been captured originally

During the upgrade:

  • We will inform you prior to upgrading your account.
  • We do not expect any disruptions during the upgrade process as majority of the work has already been done. If you face any issues after this time then please email the undersigned directly with tomahawk support in CC so that we can look at it immediately.

Thank you for your co-operation. We hope you continue enjoying ResBook.

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