38.0 - Email Tags

Hello ResBook Users,

In the newest update, we have changed some of the email tags within ResBook. To learn more about Email Tags, click Here

If you do not know how to create E-Mail templates, then click Here. We recommend reviewing how to create E-Mail templates so you can make the necessary changes required for the new E-Mail tags.

'Balance Due', 'Paid Amount', 'Service Summary' and 'Booking Summary' tags have been Changed.

  • The 'Balance Due' email tag should now be supported by email templates with the 'Booking Summary' tag.
  • We have introduced the 'Paid Amount' tag. This tag will show payment summary details. We have also moved Credit Card Surcharge to this tag.

  • The 'Service Summary' tag has been made more simplistic, as well as removing Credit Card Surcharge from the tag. 
    Before After
  • 'Booking Summary' has been made more simplistic; and Balance Due and Paid Amount have been removed from the tag.
    Before After

Note: You may want to add the 'Total Amount' tag to your email templates after adapting your emails for these tags. The 'Total Amount' tag will display the total amount of the accommodation and services together without deducting any money paid. 

All the other tags have been unaffected in this update. 


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