37.0 - Agents Revised & More

Date of Release: 14/12/2015

Hello ResBook Users,

In our newest update, we are bringing a revised Agents component to ResBook as well as some other user requested updates. These updates will make using ResBook that little bit easier for you.

1. Agents Revisited

Our biggest change in this rollout is our Revised Agents component. The new updates will allow easier use of Agents within ResBook. Click here to view all the changes that we have made.

2. Other CRM Changes

1. When creating a guest in the CRM, company selection will appear at the top.
2. When viewing a booking from the CRM, it will appear in a pop-up window.

3. Stay Signed In Feature

Users now have the ability to stay signed into ResBook. Just click the check box on the login screen, and you will be able to stay logged into ResBook.

End of Release: 16/12/2015

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