Using Agents in Resbook

If you are unfamiliar with Agents, and want to know how to create one, click Here

1. When creating a contact, ‘Agencies’ will no longer be available as an option for ‘Contact Type’. This has now been merged into ‘Agents’.

2. The Contact type selection will now appear at the top of the ‘New Contact’ page.

3. Creating an Agent within the CRM has now changed slightly.

i. The ‘Company Selection’ drop-down menu will now appear at the top of the screen.

ii. Once you have selected the company that the Agent belongs to, a new tick-box will appear that will allow you to reuse the company as the agent name.

iii. If you have ticked the ‘Use Company as Name’ tick-box, the company will appear as the Last Name of the Agent, with a period (.) appearing as the First Name. This will in-turn, set the Agent name to read only. You will not be able to edit it!

4. Whilst editing an Agent that is also a company, the Last Name will default to the Company Name with the First Name defaulting to a period (.). This will also make these two entry boxes read only.

5. When viewing Agents on a booking, they should be listed alphabetically. If an Agent in the booking is attached to a company, then the following two things will happen:

i. The name of the Agent will be shown after the name of the company is brackets.

ii. If the name of the Agent is just a company name, then only the Company name should appear in the Agent section of the pop-up.

6. When sending Emails through Agent bookings, a new slider will appear at the top of the screen of which you can select whether or not the email goes to the Agent or either the Guest, Cleaner, or Owner depending on the type of Email.


- Cleaner will only be available in the ‘Housekeeping’ email and Owner will only be available in ‘Owner’ email.
- If Cleaner doesn’t appear on the slider in the ‘Housekeeping’ email screen, go into your stock unit settings and set a cleaner to the stock unit the Agent Booking is attached to, OR go to the CRM and set a default cleaner.

7. Invoices now include the Agent’s Company as part of the Agent Name.

8. Agent Statements have been overhauled with new improvements:

i. New columns have been added to the statement:

- ‘Payments’ will now allow you to keep track of all payments made on all Agent Bookings.
- ‘Currency’ will allow you to keep track of the currency a booking is made in.

ii. There is now a ‘Total Due’ for each currency an Agent uses in ResBook.
iii. A new [Export] button has been added. This will export the statement as a CSV file for use in Microsoft Excel.

- NOTE: Windows 10 users and Excel 2016 users will need to adjust the following settings in order to view CSV files correctly.
Go to the following page to find out to make these changes:

iv. A [Print] button has now been added. This will allow you to save the Agent statement as a PDF to print off. The PDF will show the Agent’s company logo in the top left hand corner.

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