39.0 - Brand New Booking Form

Date of Release: 18/01/2016

Hello ResBook Users,

In our newest update, we are rolling out our brand new Booking Form. The new Booking Form has been worked on now for months and we are finally ready to roll it out for you to use. 

The new form works on both PC and Mobile devices, and will replace the old versions of the Booking form on both these platforms.

Due to the size of the roll out, we will be breaking the new form into Eight different support articles. The articles will help you activate the new form, customize it, and walk you through the new form step by step.

Click on one of the Links below to go to the support article you wish to go to:

These articles will help you get a grasp of this brand new feature and we hope that you enjoy getting the most out of it.

End of Release: 18/01/2016

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