Connect to Cronofy

Cronofy is a calendar integration app that allows you to connect your ResBook account to a personal calendar of your choice such as Google calendar, iCloud, MS Exchange, Office 365 or Outlook.

A further sync between your personal calendar and either Airbnb, Holiday Houses, Book-a-bach or allows you to automatically update these calendars with bookings from ResBook.

You can connect your ResBook account to Cronofy in easy steps. Here's how:

1. Proceed to Cronofy ( and click on "Create my account" under the Try the Cronofy API heading.

3. Authorise Cronofy to access your ResBook calendar under Settings > System settings > Cronofy

a. Click on 'Connect to Cronofy'

b. Select a calendar you use (apple, google etc.)

c. Click 'Allow'

d. Against a stock unit you wish to connect to your calendar, click on Map > Add Calendar and select from your personal calendar which will now be visible


e. Repeat for every calendar (you can create a separate calendar for every stock unit)

4. Check the connected calendar to confirm connection and transfer of booking information


Syncing your personal Calendar with selected channels:

Once you connect ResBook to your calendar, you can follow the instruction provided by your channel:

Follow these instructions to complete the connection with Airbnb.


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