Automate tasks using our free Zapier connection

ResBook is now integrated with Zapier in Beta. You can use this connection for free in order to automate everyday tasks such as:

  1. Adding the booking as a appointment to a personal calendar
  2. Adding contact details to mailchimp/ salesforce/ Zoho
  3. Raise an invoice in Quickbooks for a new booking in ResBook

And many more. We have compiled some FAQs for you to get started

  1. What is Zapier? How can I read more?
  2. What is the link to begin the ResBook connection?
  3. Tell me more about Zapier
  4. OK, I used the invite and created my account, show me how to connect ResBook
  5. I am all set, can you show me a sample ZAP?

Using the ResBook Zapier connection makes it easy for you to automate mundane tasks and spend time on things that really matter.

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