43.0 Promo code and Discount Update

Promo codes are now customisable 

ResBook will now allow you to enter a Custom Promo Code where previously you could only generate a random one. This is great for promoting special events or times during the year where you wish to offer a special to your guests. You can do this by creating specials such as: "SummerSpecial", "HalloweenNight", etc.

You can still Generate a random code if you wish by clicking the "Generate Code" button.


Promo codes now have a third type

When choosing a Promo Code type on the right hand side - users will now have the option of "Fixed Amount on Accommodation". Previously users were only allow to take a fixed amount off the nightly rate.

Now users can create a Promo code for their guests that will reduce the overall booking amount by a fixed amount.

Note: Currently this only applies to the overall accommodation amount and does not apply to services as well.


Discounts Updated

Discounts will also have the selection of "Fixed Amount on Accommodation". This is handy when taking a one off amount of a booking when creating one through the manual booking form.




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