Scheduled maintenance: Resbook V12 Server upgrade completed

Result: Success.

Issues: There were some intermittent issues with exporting reports and printing invoices. These have since been fixed and reviewed. If you experience an issue here, please contact us. 

We are currently monitoring our servers.

Reason for Outage:

We have upgraded our ResBook servers on 29 November 2016 between 1.00 AM - 3.00 AM (NZT). This was done to improve server performance and provide our users with an improved, faster and more stable ResBook experience.

Chosen time of outage:

ResBook was temporarily unavailable between 1.00 AM and 3.00 AM NZT. This time slot traditionally experiences low volume of user activity. During this period users were not be able to login to ResBook, make bookings manually or via websites or connect with channels and portals.

What you need to do:

Since ResBook was not be available for use between the specified times, you will have to be aware of the following steps.

1. Manual bookings will have to entered if any.

2. If you have Resonline, channel bookings will come through automatically, but will have to be monitored, please keep an eye on your emails.

3. Siteminder, bookit and will send emails for any bookings received during the outage. These will have to be entered manually into ResBook by the user, so keep an eye on your emails.

4. Check all connections and confirm availability with Resonline and other channels once bookings have been updated.

If something isn't right:

Please check your ResBook. Everything should be working as is. If something isn't quite right, email us on

Please note: This has only affected our latest version of ResBook (V12). If you are on ResBook V3 the older version of ResBook you will not be affected by this upgrade and can continue to use the service as normal. To check which version of Resbook you are on, check the website address you use to sign in. If you have a shortcut saved to your Resbook, this will continue to work as normal.

New version:

Old version:

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