44.0 Releases for November

In addition to the server upgrades we carried out this month to improve loading speed and performance, following is a list of updates in Resbook:

  1. Move bookings

You can now move bookings to rooms with preexisting confirmed bookings as waitlisted bookings.

  1. Close rooms date picker

You can select the month and year in the date picker under close rooms, this is being extended to other date pickers in Resbook

  1. Channel booking names

Bookings from channel manager will show guest last name as booking name

  1. KEY LOCK BOX Location

The KLB location email tag is now available in the payment confirmation and confirmation emails and can be used to provide instructions for the lock box

  1. Booking status of channel bookings - bug fix

All bookings received via channels will always be added to confirmed bookings

  1. Manual rate override bug fix

In some cases, editing a booking with a manual rate reset the base rate to the rack rates for the unit. This is now fixed.

  1. Cancelling invoices

Invoice 'cancel' button will show a warning asking you to confirm if you wish to cancel an invoice

  1. Back to invoice list

The 'Back to invoices' link has been made prominent to encourage users to click it instead of accidentally cancelling invoices

  1. Improvements to mobile views

The filter and custom view buttons have been hidden on mobile which previously caused an overlap when using resbook on a mobile device

  1. Booking rate for channel bookings - bug fix

A small percentage of bookings from channel managers were affected where the rack rates replaced the booking rate, this has been fixed.

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