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Using ResBook's full-content integration with Airbnb you can now manage all your Airbnb listings, bookings, rates, availability and content from within ResBook.

Airbnb is looking for boutique B&Bs, lodges, resorts, inns, small hotels and holiday homes along with other small properties that offer a unique guest experience.  

Please note that not all properties will be accepted by Airbnb. We encourage you to contact Airbnb if you are uncertain of your eligibility before you start the process.

Your Airbnb account

If you don't have an account, you will need to set one up first. Visit Airbnb for information on becoming a host. 

Airbnb Listing Requirements

You will need to meet the following requirements for each room or property you want listed on Airbnb. These can all be managed directly within ResBook or on Airbnb.

  1. A minimum of eight characters for the room or property name
  2. A minimum of seven photos, including three at high resolution
  3. Five or more selected amenities (features)
  4. A description with more than 50 characters
  5. Address and GPS coordinates

Setting up the connection

You will need the Airbnb module added to your ResBook account. If you don't have it added, please get in touch with us for details.

Login to ResBook and go to SettingsPortalsAirbnb

Click the Connect with Airbnb button and you will be taken to Airbnb where can login to authorise the connection. 

Click Allow and your connection will be authorised.

Head back to ResBook and on the Airbnb portal page in settings you will see your Airbnb Account ID and a list of all your rooms.

Connecting your ResBook rooms and properties

On the Airbnb portal page in ResBook, simply switch the slider button from Off to On for each room or property you want listed on Airbnb and they will be sent through. 

You will then see an Airbnb Listing ID and Sync Type for each of your chosen rooms.


You need to ensure that the rooms you want to list on Airbnb meet their listing requirements.

Connect existing Airbnb listings to ResBook

This is also known as mapping

You still need to switch the room or property On in ResBook first. Then head over to Airbnb and you'll see a list of all the ResBook entries that have been pushed through that you can map to any existing Airbnb listings.

Partial or Full Sync

Our integration gives you the choice of what information you want to send through to Airbnb from ResBook. In Airbnb, select the type of sync you want for each of your listings.

Partial Sync

A partial sync will only send your rates, minimum stays and availability through to Airbnb. You will then need to manage content, descriptions and photos for each listing on Airbnb itself.

Full Sync

A full sync will send through the following details for each of your listings.

  1. Listing name
  2. Description
  3. Photos
  4. Amenities (Features)
  5. Rates
  6. Minimum stays
  7. Availability


Review & Publishing Listings

As per the above, all listings will need to meet the minimum criteria listed above to be live on Airbnb. The process for approval may take up to 3 business days. You will be notified by Airbnb via email once your listings have been approved. 

To publish the listings, you will need to follow the instructions here: 

  1. Go to Your Listings page on Airbnb and click on 'ResBook Sync'
  2. If you are a new property on Airbnb, review the listing and click Publish. Complete the same steps for all new listings.
  3. If you have an existing listing on Airbnb already: it is normal to see duplicate listings here. Simply follow these steps to remove duplicates (by merging listings).
    1. Choose the new listing and under Airbnb listing select the existing listing you want to merge with. 
    2. Now switch the Sync Settings to 'Limited Sync' - this is when ResBook only syncs rates and availability but uses your existing listing. 
    3. Press Publish. Follow the same process for remaining listings. 


Address and GPS coordinates

For a full sync you will need to ensure that you have your address and GPS coordinates entered for each room or property in ResBook.

For those ResBook users who only have a single property with multiple rooms, you will need to do this for each room for now. A future update to our integration will use your property address.

How to get your GPS coordinates

Visit and enter your address. Then copy and paste the latitude and longitude settings into ResBook.



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