The New On Boarding Wizard Benefits for V12 Users

The new on boarding wizard has been designed to make setting up your properties easy with ResBook. It isn't just designed for our new clients, but has features that will assist in making changes to existing properties too. 

This article will provide our existing ResBook clients the benefits of our new on boarding wizard to them: 

1. You can now use the new wizard to update general settings, accounting and financials, contact details and policies. This process has been simplified to make changes easy!



2. It will also assist in creating new room types and rooms along with bed configurations. You can even add new photos for your rooms here with an easy to use drop and drag images field. On how to do this, please refer to this article: 


3.  Need to update or change your rate plans? Now, you can use the wizard to help with this and its simple to use. It will also provide an attractive view of the rates within the rates calendar.

Another nifty feature now is being able to set up rates for long weekend rates and special events. Just click on the new rate plan and set your rates. Then once the rate is saved, this will appear on the calendar view for easy view of changes made.  

This article will assist you in getting this done in a few simple steps:

Important Note for advanced ResBook users: The onboarding wizard rate plan tab does not currently support services or specials. If you have these functions set up, they may be impacted by using the wizard to manage rates.

4.  How about updating your minimum nights' rule? The wizard can help with this too. It will also automatically choose the dates that you haven't pre-populated yet when creating a new rule. Please refer to this article for the easy steps you need to take to set these up: 

We hope you enjoy using the new on boarding wizard just as much as we do!  


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