ResBook Onboarding Wizard Goes Live

The ResBook development team has been busy over the last while building a brand new Onboarding Wizard to help set up your ResBook account and manage account settings.

We are pleased to announce it has now gone live for V12 users to enjoy. Please refer to the help-desk articles to assist you in taking advantage of the Onboarding Wizard's many user friendly features.

Simply click on the "Setup Wizard" button above the menu in your ResBook account it will direct you to the Wizard.

We will continue to improve the Wizard over time with the "Room Linking (virtual rooms)" tab coming up next.

ResBook's Onboarding Wizard makes setting up and managing your property much easier for V12 users.

It now offers:

  • A simple rate management process - with a calendar view. 
  • A simple minimum stay process - with a calendar view.
  • An easy step-by-step process for room types / room configuration setup. 
  • Updating general settings, accounting and financials, contact details and policies in one page.

The links below will provide you step-by-step guides on how the new wizard works: 

Rates management   

Important Note for advanced ResBook users: The Onboarding Wizard rate plan tab does not currently support services or specials. If you have these functions set up, they may be impacted by using the wizard to manage rates.

Minimum stay management

Creating or amending new room types

Room Types

Important Note for current ResBook users: The Onboarding wizard will create a single stock unit for any Room Type with the number of rooms set to 1.

If the number of rooms exceed 1, it will assume you are creating multiple of the same "Room type" and thus the Wizard will create multiple stock units under a classification automatically for you.

Update general settings, accounting and financials, contact details and policies


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